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The Web and Mobile Design & Development post graduate diploma at Langara College is located in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. WMDD is an intensive 4-term program that prepares students with no previous experience for a career in the industry.

During your time at Langara you will take a series of web design courses and web development courses. While taking these courses you will learn how to design and develop real world applications from start to finish, focusing on web and mobile app development.

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WMDD offers 2 Streams of Study

Developer Stream

Developers will take a series of web development courses which also focus on web and mobile app development.

Developers will first learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Content Management Systems. They will then move on to learn about full stack web development, including database technologies, Object-oriented programming and design, Native Android & iOS development and get an introduction to DevOps.

Developers will also use React and React Native throughout various terms.

Design Stream

Designers will take a series of web design courses which will focus on web and mobile app development, throughout their time in the WMDD program.

Designers will start the program by first learning the basics of both design and development, including colour theory and typography, intro to UX design, along with the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Some more advanced courses include graphic design for the web, UX and UI design, 3D design and prototyping, audio and video production, as well as game design foundations.

Student Projects

Our students work together in teams of developers and designers to produce amazing applications, solving real world problems. In each term, students create an application from concept to deployment, with guidance from their instructors. Check them out below!

Alumni Success

We take pride in celebrating the success of our Alumni. The WMDD program prepares our post graduate diploma students to start a career in the design and development industry, without any prior experience. Get to know some of our Alumni and see how Langara College helped them reach their career goals.

Marinela Poso

"WMDD teaches you both the technical side and the design side. It gave me more confidence going into the workforce that I understand all the processes and the technical side of each platform."

Stream chosen - DesignFall 2019

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