Full Stack Web Applications with Data Visualization


Picbeak encourages children to be aware of local birds and provides educational information about them.


Savy is a website with an interactive map that provides a variety of information about Recycling in Canada.


Lair is an interactive and data-driven website, dedicated to protecting endangered species in Canada.


TreeSpree is a website full of information about trees across Vancouver, BC. Learn about species of trees around the cities, how they are useful and also where to locate them around the city.


Task is a website for developers to find the most popular programming languages in the job market and in the industry, a rank of the different job categories in the IT industry, the latest articles regarding technology, and the upcoming development events.


Knack is an online art rental marketplace. It's a platform to bridge the gap between budding Artists and art enthusiast


Teleqo is a web application to help its users in selecting the best network carrier in Canada according to their needs.