Hybrid Mobile Apps


WTFood is an online community platform that offers a fun, practical, and sustainable way of cooking by helping people find recipes based on ingredients they have in the kitchen.


Rentool provides a contactless tool rental service.


The STYLISE platform enables you to maximize your current wardrobe, reducing clothing waste by organizing your closet digitally and getting inspiration about coordinating outfits.


Foodlet is a platform to buy and sell excess food which is about to be wasted at a discounted price, to save produced food and reduce food waste.


Scave utilizes geolocation API to donate and locate disposed items in your community.

Moving Tracker

Moving from one place to another? maybe a house or an apartment? or even an office? Moving Tracker is for you!

Moving Tracker is a PWA that will make your life easier because it will keep all your moving information and pictures in just one place!

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8wishes is a progressive web application that allows users to create a digital scrapbook of their inspired gift ideas.


Edumeet is a mobile app where users can join study groups based on your interest and location.


Dishlist is a mobile app which offers digital restaurant menus with detailed description, ingredients, characteristics, price, photos, rates and reviews from other users.


Kiwe is a virtual waiting line system here to help both restaurant owners and customers.


Prunus app helps people track cherry blossoms around the city. Tree locations and blooming status are created and shared by users.


Odyssey is an application that assists users to record their memories and share your memories with other people by creating personal timeline.

Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems app helps people explore less popular places en-route by showing the route to get there.


Wabderlust is a must-have application for discovering new and exciting leisure activities that you can't find anywhere else.


Avsar mobile app makes it easy to connect service seekers and providers among students.


Nearest is a mobile app that helps you find the closest available washrooms anywhere in the world and it is free of charge.