The city of Vancouver, in British Columbia, is well known for its natural beauty. During springtime the city blooms in all shades and colours and both locals and tourists get excited by all this beauty. There are more than 40,000 cherry blossoms trees around Vancouver which attract more than 125,000 visitors every year. There are festivals, people gathering in the streets looking for the best blooming spots, to get the most from the short season.

Currently, blossom lovers have few options to help them finding the best blooming spots around the city. The existing options are blogs and social media data spread across the internet, which are time consuming and inefficient. Therefore, there is a need for a more efficient and accurate means to help people find the best blooming spots across the city.

This is where the Prunus app gets in. This is an app to help people track cherry blossoms trees around the city. Trees locations and blooming status are created and shared by visitors. As the season goes through, collaboration intensifies, and data become more accurate. Attracting more people to the best blooming spots around the city.

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